among the rocks and roots

Last night I went to the Che Cafe to see Wolves in the Throne Room. The first band to play was called Ten Thousand Leagues, and they were really good. They played a very crust-punk influences, thrashy metal, with a pretty heavy political bent.

They played on the floor, as did the next band, as I think WITTR had a stage set up that needed to not be disturbed. The crowd was really in to them, and I can understand why. They definitely played the kind of music that will make people want to jump around. As for their politics, I felt really impressed and inspired. Before their second to last song, the singer said “The most important thing a male bodied person can do is support a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her own body without regard to the female gaze. This song is about the importance of being pro-choice.” It was a cover song by a band called Spitboy.

The second band to play was called Griever. I listened to them from outside, and they sounded like a bunch of metal dudes aping Clutch. Not really a bad thing, just an observation. I didn’t take any pictures, and that was okay. About this time was when I noticed a sign by the front door that the show had sold out, so I began waiting pretty anxiously to get in to the floor so I could get a good spot to take pictures during WITTR.

I took my, at this point typical place at the left side of the stage. It was at this point that the stage set up really became clear to me. There were large canvas banners, on either side of the speakers, which I was then standing behind. So I had a very small window through which to get shots of the stage, and as a result most of my pictures were all from the same angle. Here is a gallery of the rest of them.

As far as what I thought about WITTR, they were good. I wouldn’t say all of their songs sounded the same, but I will say that they blended together well. I also appreciated the way in which they work to create a whole experience for the people seeing them. All dark, only lit by candles, incense and smoke filling the air. They ask that if people are going to take pictures that they not use flash. All in all, it was an experience for sure, and although I don’t know that it makes me a huge fan of them, I can say that it was cool to be a part of. Until next time…


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